Temple of Debod

A heavenly sunset in the heart of Madrid … More Temple of Debod


Dumplings, Baby

I’m a huge fan of “fam dinners.” Every now and then my friends and I would all cook and share a meal in our room instead of eating out. I find this to be extremely homey, which is especially true now that I’m a whole continent away from home. Tonight, my friend Cynthia and I decided to … More Dumplings, Baby

¡Hola Madrid!

¡Hola! Finally a Friday off and I’m taking full advantage doing what makes me the happiest, which is of course spending time at a cafe. Taking it easy today. A quick life update: I’m in Madrid this semester! After over a year in New York, I was seeking a change – of weather, of pace, and most of … More ¡Hola Madrid!

Finding Calm x NYC

I continue to be amazed by the food creations NYC has to offer. Fish shaped waffle filled with red bean paste and ice cream? Sounds like a dream, but it is now a reality thanks to the newly opened Taiyaki NYC in the heart of Chinatown and Little Italy. Inspired by the Japanese dessert taiyaki, … More Finding Calm x NYC

Same Girl, New City

I’ve been wanting to blog for some time, but there never seems to be enough time for everything. Yes, even in the city that never sleeps. But I’m alive and well. I haven’t gotten lost navigating the subway and I haven’t gotten hit from jaywalking way too many times—a true New Yorker as they would say, right? In … More Same Girl, New City

A Sweet Sweet Day

Today is my mom’s birthday. Mom, if you see this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. This post is dedicated to you because you’re oh-so-special (you know I love you). As we celebrated together, I couldn’t help but think how this was going to be the last of those birthday dinners before I officially become a college girl. So many … More A Sweet Sweet Day