A Sweet Sweet Day

Today is my mom’s birthday. Mom, if you see this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. This post is dedicated to you because you’re oh-so-special (you know I love you). As we celebrated together, I couldn’t help but think how this was going to be the last of those birthday dinners before I officially become a college girl. So many lasts lately, but many firsts to come in the next week. Stay tuned.

At this point, almost all of my friends have left for college. I’m possibly the last one left in town, not kidding. I said bye to a lot of my best friends over the past week and it’s getting lonelier and lonelier over here. Good thing is now I’m so psyched to meet everyone in New York (shout out to my roommate !!!) and hopefully have a blast.

In the midst of bittersweet goodbyes, however, I would consider today to be pretty sweet. I taught my mom the birthday song on the piano, may I say, successfully. I’m expecting her to play it for me next time. The sweetest part of the day has to be…well…the sweets. In the morning, we opened a box of macarons with four different flavors: lemon, green tea, raspberry, and chocolate. Being the foodie that I am, any kind of sweets makes me happy but macarons are my favorite because of how cute they are. A classic dessert artfully fashioned “to the height of elegance and decadence,” it is a lot more than just a cookie. Who says looks don’t matter? And then there was the cake from Paris Baguette Bakery (I hadn’t known about this bakery until my trip to Singapore this summer). Green tea flavored cake with blueberry and cream. Saying that it was the best cake I’ve ever had wouldn’t be an exaggeration. What else can I say? A sweet day, literally. Xoxo




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