Week in the Life: Health & Fun

If I were to play a truth or myth game, freshman 15 would be…you guess. In the beginning of the year, I went on morning runs and made a solid effort to go to the gym. As soon as November rolled around, however, it was almost a miracle that I took the fifteen-minute walk to class every day. Who’s to blame? I blame the long winter in NYC (and the mandatory meal plan, and my lack of motivation in the cold, or, maybe just my lack of motivation). When I got home last week, I thought about what I could do to feel better about myself – not for others, but for me. Summer is a time where I’m not buried in real schoolwork, a time for voluntary all-nighters. Summer should be stress-free but also meaningful. Next thing I know, I found myself jotting down a few goals in my planner (in case you were wondering, a physical planner with a pen because I’m old school).

Ah, the summer bucket list. Nothing screams summer like attempting to do everything and ending up sleeping in and watching Netflix all day. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. But aside from Netflixing (is that a word now?), I am now actively working towards one of my goals, which is to become healthier. Ever since I came home, I’ve dedicated a chunk of my time every day to working out as well as cooking and eating healthy. The days no longer fly by like they used to, and not to sound selfish, but I feel good about focusing on myself. I especially love cooking – think of it as art, except you get to eat your work afterwards. From gathering the ingredients to decorating, it really is all enjoyable and rewarding! Here are some healthy snacks and dishes that I made in the past week:

So this is partly what I have been up to – “a week in the life.” Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, you should have fun doing it. I wake up eager to put together a new creation from whatever is in the fridge or pantry and sometimes, I get inspired by recipes on magazines that I follow. If you’re feeling bored this summer or want a break from anything, remember to do what makes YOU happy. Make a bucket list and at least attempt to take it on. It can be something totally silly or simple, but you just might discover a new hobby and I promise it will be exciting. xo, KT


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