Finding Calm x NYC

I continue to be amazed by the food creations NYC has to offer. Fish shaped waffle filled with red bean paste and ice cream? Sounds like a dream, but it is now a reality thanks to the newly opened Taiyaki NYC in the heart of Chinatown and Little Italy. Inspired by the Japanese dessert taiyaki, this has to be the most adorable and edible thing I’ve ever gotten my hands on.



This weekend, I also made it back to Jack’s Wife Freda, one of my favorite brunch spots in the city. Caught up with a friend in true New York style. Although the wait was close to an hour, and it was chilly (Happy Fall!!!), the food certainly did not disappoint. Check out my previous blog post for more on brunch.

On Sunday, I had some much needed me-time: at a cafe. I did some journaling and was super productive. There’s just something about the sound of coffee machines, cafe music and background noise that offers a relaxing atmosphere in contrast to a library. Not to mention, it’s amusing to take a break from my work and look around as others are going about their lives. New Yorkers are so diverse and each person may be up to something totally different, but for a moment, a group of us have come together to share a common experience. It really is a beautiful thing. Often times, we are buried in endless busy work that we forget to pause for a second and truly live. Cafes are where I find my calm and where I feel immersed in the New York experience.

Until later,

xx KT


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