(Where the Heart Is)

18. The number of days until I move to my new home of New York City. As exciting as that is, with every new beginning comes a bittersweet goodbye. It’s hard to believe that the time has (almost) finally come—time to bid all things familiar farewell. Family, friends, my bed, my go-to route for running, my favorite little restaurant down the street, and… Boston. Although Boston hasn’t always been my home, it has been “home sweet home” for the past few years and I’m proud to call it just that. Yesterday, I got to go into the city again (I live in a suburb). I walked around the Copley area and boy was the view amazing. Boston is such a unique city because it’s full of history and thus the red-brick buildings and brownstones that line up the streets. You feel like you’re in an old English town for a second. Despite the historical feel, many still refer to Boston as a young city because of the number of top universities and students in the area.


IMG_1167Here comes the part where I make a confession: I went to the Boston Public Library for the first time ever. It’s one of those places where you’re not rushed to go to because you live so close. You feel me? So my first impression of the library: wow. It almost felt like I was in a museum. There were so many tourists (for good reason) stopping in all corners of the library, finding the perfect angle before finally snapping a photo. I could have found a quiet place to sit down and read and do whatever, but I would no doubt become a part of the scenery for tourists (I guess I was a tourist too). Well, maybe next time I will act like a true Bostonian and actually study there…

Other things I love about Boston are Georgetown Cupcakes on Newbury Street, Boston Public Garden and Boston Common. Trust me, there’s always something going on in the Common during the summer and last night was no exception. I went to see a free (!!!) production of King Lear with my Shakespeare friends. It was the closing night and I really enjoyed it (I had no clue what was going on in a lot of moments since I hadn’t read the play, but hey, Shakespeare).

After my day in Boston, the realization that I’m leaving so soon finally hit me. I guess I better start getting ready. I will miss Boston, but it will always be my home (where the heart is). Oh, and thank goodness for Georgetown Cupcakes, Central Park, and all the Broadway shows in New York. -KT


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